My top 10 favorite sets of photos to capture with a lifestyle in home newborn session

If you are leaning toward those cozy at home pictures for your newborn session, here are 10 favorite sets I love to capture with my clients when I come into their home.

A lay flat setup basket with a few simple props

I prefer to capture the little ones with a wood floor setting. But I do carry faux fur options as another beautiful floor drop.

The Family Sandwich

With the heavenly window light, I love to capture those sweet moments and tender developing relationships. I bring my own sheer curtains to gently temporary attach to a well lit window.

Mom and baby by the window is a tender moment
Mom, dad and baby by the window

Each of my sessions, we take our time. I will help gently pose and mold each person until we have a well formed put together look.

Baby on the end of mom and dad’s bed

Bedrooms are often the perfect stop for a newborn set. A well made bed makes for a clean and minimalist setting that keep the attention on the little one.

Mom and Dad on the bed with other participants

The bed can be the perfect perch for that happy pet, or cheerful little ones. It can also be the perfect spot to put baby near the edge (with supervision) for the perfect height for the toddlers and other children to give baby a kiss.

Mama and baby in the rocking chair

The days are long, but the years are short. What better way to remember that than remember those rocking chair years.

Snuggled on the couch as a family

While newborn sessions are focused on baby and not so much on getting ALL the family photos, capturing the family altogether with eyes on baby is a sweet moment.

Baby in the new crib
Snuggled on Siblings Lap or laying on floor
Mama and Baby Bird Eye View

Baby with a fun setup by a simple wall or window

It is recommended to book your newborn session within the first 5-10 days of life. We will move accordingly to when your little one arrives! Do NOT wait until your third trimester or after the baby is born to book! My schedule fills up fast!

Call Rebecca at 385-218-9660 or email to setup a pre-consultation and together we will create a beautiful curated custom experience for you.

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