Happy Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day!

In the last so many years, I feel like anything patriotic whatsoever can be a bit taboo around certain crowds. On social media recently one woman commented on my photo with firmness about how she will NOT be celebrating Independence Day this year due to recent news.

Ok. I get that. I get there is a lot of contention in our world right now. And will always be. Things we need to work on, improve on, get better at etc.

But when I heard that quick attitude toward “Cancel Culture”… well, frankly, I want to celebrate what freedoms and independence we have acquired. The tyrannies we have managed as a country to gain through the terrible loss of many. Politics are polarizing.

But I will continue to celebrate the Fourth of July with pride of what blessings we have as a country. Focusing on the positive, not the negative. There are many positive things to celebrate. Yes history comes with dark chapters. Humankind is far from perfect and that is putting it lightly. Glad I don’t work in politics.

Here are some of the freedoms I am grateful for:

  1. The right to free speech to express myself
  2. The right to vote
  3. The freedom to worship as I may
  4. The rights I have as a woman

What unifies us as a country? Not divides us.

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