The Big Impact of Big Wall Art

Do you have big wall art in your home? Maybe a landscape piece or a vibrant abstract resin canvas. But have you ever thought that those memories you create with your family also can become a true piece of art in your home?

Here are 3 big reasons to invest in personal wall art from your portrait session.

  1. The Mood

Interior design has the ability to transform a space with the colors, textures, and overall aesthetic that were chosen. It creates a mood.

What I want is to create those moods with my work for my clients. To help them create their spaces. What vibe does the artwork you put up bring into your home?

Perhaps it is something fun and energetic. Perhaps something peaceful and moving.

With living in Colorado, and among the Rocky Mountains, what better view to incorporate into pictures. Those vistas are all over awe-inspiring.

2. It brings fun into the room

What better way to add sunshine than to show it through the many personalities around the house that make us laugh!

3. It Brightens

Not only does putting those images up in such big fun ways brighten the room but it just might brighten someone’s day. Reminding them that they are seen, and loved and we think they are pretty awesome.

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