Hello there!

Let me introduce you to the Mabey’s! We are Rebecca and Matthew and we have four babies. They get mad when we occasionally still call them babies. But dagnabit, they grow up too darn fast… so I guess that is part of softening the blow to us parents.

In 2020 we moved here to Longmont, CO where we bought a house and are settled. I have been doing photography and film with Effervescent Media Works for 13 years, but it was time for a little rebranding! So here we are!

I am a bit obsessed with sunflowers. Are you? We had plenty of fun new walls to fill in our home and still do! So sunflowers have been one of the themes in general with the decor of our house. Naturally, I wanted to do sunflower family photos to go along with the vibe. So we hit a gorgeous sunflower farm here in Northern Colorado. They had so many varieties!

My husband and I moved the family while I was hecka preggo! And needless to say, we timed it a little tight. The baby came 3 weeks early ONE day after we moved in. Talk about excitement. It was a party.

Once I edited this work and compiled these favorites I wanted to dedicate one of the walls in our home where we would see these often. These pictures mark one of our first summers here in Colorado of many summers to come. They mark the start of a new story as we settle after many years of moving with school and work. We have gold touches around the house, so I got to work.

I got to work and used my skills in photoshop to create the wall assortment I wanted. As I put this together I was kicking myself for not offering this service to my clients all these years! I want to offer more to each of my clients, in helping them put out big beautiful pieces of artwork of their family memories.

This is why I have decided to become a boutique full-service photographer here in Northern Colorado. From beginning to end I want to create a fully custom experience that will result in beautiful memories for you to see all the time of special reminders of the blessings you hold.

As a photographer I specialize in newborns, maternity, families, children, and senior portraits.

If you are interested in wedding photography and videography be sure to check out Effervescent Media Works.

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