Now Booking Special Edition Christmas Sessions | Longmont, CO

Christmas Magic Special Edition Minis

This year we will be having fun with all the sugar and sweet cuteness! Little elves at the North Pole.

Choose outfits from the client closet if desired for an all around festive event! Complete with “snow” and magical sparkles.

See more details and book your session here.

“Elf Ears” Optional!

Christmas Jammies Special Edition Minis

Get out the jammies and let’s have some fun! Select from the client closet or bring your own. Together we will enjoy cookies, storytime and snuggles with a favorite stufty. Supervised bouncing on the bed and some good ol’ Christmas Carols will be the cherry on top!

These sessions will take place on two different dates in Longmont and Fort Collins.

For details and booking see here.

Fort Collins Christmas Minis

Longmont Christmas Minis

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day!

In the last so many years, I feel like anything patriotic whatsoever can be a bit taboo around certain crowds. On social media recently one woman commented on my photo with firmness about how she will NOT be celebrating Independence Day this year due to recent news.

Ok. I get that. I get there is a lot of contention in our world right now. And will always be. Things we need to work on, improve on, get better at etc.

But when I heard that quick attitude toward “Cancel Culture”… well, frankly, I want to celebrate what freedoms and independence we have acquired. The tyrannies we have managed as a country to gain through the terrible loss of many. Politics are polarizing.

But I will continue to celebrate the Fourth of July with pride of what blessings we have as a country. Focusing on the positive, not the negative. There are many positive things to celebrate. Yes history comes with dark chapters. Humankind is far from perfect and that is putting it lightly. Glad I don’t work in politics.

Here are some of the freedoms I am grateful for:

  1. The right to free speech to express myself
  2. The right to vote
  3. The freedom to worship as I may
  4. The rights I have as a woman

What unifies us as a country? Not divides us.

My top 10 favorite sets of photos to capture with a lifestyle in home newborn session

If you are leaning toward those cozy at home pictures for your newborn session, here are 10 favorite sets I love to capture with my clients when I come into their home.

A lay flat setup basket with a few simple props

I prefer to capture the little ones with a wood floor setting. But I do carry faux fur options as another beautiful floor drop.

The Family Sandwich

With the heavenly window light, I love to capture those sweet moments and tender developing relationships. I bring my own sheer curtains to gently temporary attach to a well lit window.

Mom and baby by the window is a tender moment
Mom, dad and baby by the window

Each of my sessions, we take our time. I will help gently pose and mold each person until we have a well formed put together look.

Baby on the end of mom and dad’s bed

Bedrooms are often the perfect stop for a newborn set. A well made bed makes for a clean and minimalist setting that keep the attention on the little one.

Mom and Dad on the bed with other participants

The bed can be the perfect perch for that happy pet, or cheerful little ones. It can also be the perfect spot to put baby near the edge (with supervision) for the perfect height for the toddlers and other children to give baby a kiss.

Mama and baby in the rocking chair

The days are long, but the years are short. What better way to remember that than remember those rocking chair years.

Snuggled on the couch as a family

While newborn sessions are focused on baby and not so much on getting ALL the family photos, capturing the family altogether with eyes on baby is a sweet moment.

Baby in the new crib
Snuggled on Siblings Lap or laying on floor
Mama and Baby Bird Eye View

Baby with a fun setup by a simple wall or window

It is recommended to book your newborn session within the first 5-10 days of life. We will move accordingly to when your little one arrives! Do NOT wait until your third trimester or after the baby is born to book! My schedule fills up fast!

Call Rebecca at 385-218-9660 or email to setup a pre-consultation and together we will create a beautiful curated custom experience for you.

Longmont Senior Photography – Model Call!

The Roses are OUT and here for a limited time. This model call will not be long and we will just be accepting 2 of our applicants.

We are looking for two class of 2023 Seniors that are bubbly and full of smiles for a session by the roses here in Longmont, CO.

Seniors will need parental permission and will need a signed model release. We will meet with both senior and parent prior to the session.

Rose sessions will take place the week of July 5th-8th 2022.

For more details and to inquire email Rebecca at

The Big Impact of Big Wall Art

Do you have big wall art in your home? Maybe a landscape piece or a vibrant abstract resin canvas. But have you ever thought that those memories you create with your family also can become a true piece of art in your home?

Here are 3 big reasons to invest in personal wall art from your portrait session.

  1. The Mood

Interior design has the ability to transform a space with the colors, textures, and overall aesthetic that were chosen. It creates a mood.

What I want is to create those moods with my work for my clients. To help them create their spaces. What vibe does the artwork you put up bring into your home?

Perhaps it is something fun and energetic. Perhaps something peaceful and moving.

With living in Colorado, and among the Rocky Mountains, what better view to incorporate into pictures. Those vistas are all over awe-inspiring.

2. It brings fun into the room

What better way to add sunshine than to show it through the many personalities around the house that make us laugh!

3. It Brightens

Not only does putting those images up in such big fun ways brighten the room but it just might brighten someone’s day. Reminding them that they are seen, and loved and we think they are pretty awesome.

Hello there!

Let me introduce you to the Mabey’s! We are Rebecca and Matthew and we have four babies. They get mad when we occasionally still call them babies. But dagnabit, they grow up too darn fast… so I guess that is part of softening the blow to us parents.

In 2020 we moved here to Longmont, CO where we bought a house and are settled. I have been doing photography and film with Effervescent Media Works for 13 years, but it was time for a little rebranding! So here we are!

I am a bit obsessed with sunflowers. Are you? We had plenty of fun new walls to fill in our home and still do! So sunflowers have been one of the themes in general with the decor of our house. Naturally, I wanted to do sunflower family photos to go along with the vibe. So we hit a gorgeous sunflower farm here in Northern Colorado. They had so many varieties!

My husband and I moved the family while I was hecka preggo! And needless to say, we timed it a little tight. The baby came 3 weeks early ONE day after we moved in. Talk about excitement. It was a party.

Once I edited this work and compiled these favorites I wanted to dedicate one of the walls in our home where we would see these often. These pictures mark one of our first summers here in Colorado of many summers to come. They mark the start of a new story as we settle after many years of moving with school and work. We have gold touches around the house, so I got to work.

I got to work and used my skills in photoshop to create the wall assortment I wanted. As I put this together I was kicking myself for not offering this service to my clients all these years! I want to offer more to each of my clients, in helping them put out big beautiful pieces of artwork of their family memories.

This is why I have decided to become a boutique full-service photographer here in Northern Colorado. From beginning to end I want to create a fully custom experience that will result in beautiful memories for you to see all the time of special reminders of the blessings you hold.

As a photographer I specialize in newborns, maternity, families, children, and senior portraits.

If you are interested in wedding photography and videography be sure to check out Effervescent Media Works.